Hello children. Welcome to the Indie Portal. We’re all Indie, all the time – no exceptions. If you are looking for Top 40 radio or Teenybopper Boy-band sensations – you should probably Ryan Seacrest your way out.


A small group of music lovers and geeks who think it’s about time that the true independents have their voices heard. We know, we know – there are some truly kick-ass bands signed to the majors. They do indeed exist. But as a gentle reminder, 99% of these ass-kickingly amazing bands start out with the independents.


We’re here to introduce you to the rockers who continually blow our minds despite small budgets and lack of bling. We focus on the newest of the newbies as well as those artists who have been creating innovative music behind-the-scenes for years.




To connect artists, unsigned musicians, and independent labels with a fan-base of dedicated followers. If there is an unsigned musician out there who should have the opportunity to share their art with the rest of the world…we will find him. If there is an indie label on the cutting edge…we’ll let you know.


We’re not paid for this, people!! We do not accept ANY money from other record labels. So rest assured, any artists/tracks we showcase definitely deserves the spotlight.


Noble? Nah…we just thought it was time to represent.


If you know of a band you think we should showcase on the website, let us know!


Contact: courtney@theindieportal.com





Weekly Mix Tape


A collection of Grade-A musical goodness for the week. Check back every Wednesday to chow down on streaming sonic nibbles that are sure to get you through your post-lunch food coma.


Love These Labels


Labels who have started – and remained – fiercely independent, tirelessly innovative, and completely dedicated to delivering the goods on great new music.


By Request


If you hear a song you like on Indie Portal – share it with the rest of the world.
Call, email, harass if need be – whatever you do: REQUEST, REQUEST, REQUEST!! We’ve supplied a list of the best independent, publicly-owned, university-affiliated, and occasionally – yes – pirate radio stations that play the best music you’ll never hear on mainstream radio. And hey – if you know of a great station that we haven’t listed on the site, shoot us an email, and we’ll make the addition. Support your favorite bands!


Unsigned But Awesome & Bands that Rock


Reviews of the best signed and unsigned independent acts, updated weekly. If you have tips on any great unsigned bands that you think we should profile, email courtney@theindieportal.com.


Fan Forum


Inevitably, in any given group, there are three types of people: the music geek who knows about ALL the shows and must attend absolutely EVERY one, the tag- along who drags his feet and doesn’t know the band but comes anyway, and the total douche who comes to meet chicks, refuses to move to the beat, and gets completely hammered and pukes on your shoes. We at Indie Portal understand that there are far too many tag-alongs and shoe-pukers in this cold, harsh world. We embrace the music geeks, and think that every sonic savant has the right to converse with, befriend, and perhaps even mate with others of their kind. As such, we have created “Fan Forum,” a place where like-minded indie-rockers can chat and form concert-going groups. Go to shows with kids who actually care!! (Under Construction)


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