Minipop - The Precious EP

Hailing from the Bay Area, Minipop are self-scribed as “marshmallows and CareBears on morphine and Zanax.” If the food-meets-80’s nostalgia metaphor throws you, you can think of this poppy quintet as Mazzy Star meets the Sundays during a Death Cab for Cutie Show. Minipop creates breezy dreamscapes of infectious confection, and their five song EP, The Precious, impresses with its confidant song-writing and quiet intensity.

Despite an extensive web-search, I was only able to obtain the band members first names: Tricia on vocals, Lauren on drums, Nick on bass, and Matthew and Jon on guitar. The group has only been performinging together since October of 2004, yet has already opened for a number of critically acclaimed national acts including: Metric, Rogue Wave, the Comas, Pinback, and Tegan & Sara. Their influences range from Bjork to Pavement, yet for a band made up almost entirely of musicians in their early twenties, they present a surprisingly cohesive and mature sound.

Though both “Bikram” and “Precious” are standouts on the EP, calling to mind the Sundays, Azure Ray, and Trespassers William all wrapped into a neat little package… the most original track of the five was clearly “Fingerprints.” Though the subject of the song is ambiguous, it is somewhat reminiscent of the nursery rhyme, “Ring Around the Rosey.” Simply an innocent children's chant upon first listen, closer inspection reveals that the little poem is really about the plague.

For those of you who grew up in nursury rhyme-less caves:

Ring around the rosey

Pocket full of posies

Ashes ashes, They all far down.

Similarly, from "Fingerprints":

Lullabies gone cold as night

How’s it gonna change outside?

Fingerprints on every surface

Lingering not without purpose

Chorus: I’m Falling Down. I Fall Down.

Is this just another song that waxes poetic about the loss of innocence? Is it a message of caution against the liberties that America has taken with other countries? Is this a frank allusion to the atrocities of war?

Go out and buy the EP for yourself and see what it’s all about.

--Courtney Wachs

Minipop Website


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