lets go sailing - Icicles EP

With a voice as sweet as snow cones in the summer, Shannon Levy creates lush musical soundscapes that wrap the listener in a gentle blanket of heartfelt melodies and catchy beats. This is not your average girl-pop band. Levy, the former keyboardist for pop rock act, Irving, has turned her attention to keyboarding, lead-vocal duties, AND song-writing for her five-piece, let’s go sailing. Along with bandmates Tanya Haden (cello), Nikki Monninger (bass), Brent Turner (guitar) and former Possum Dixon bandmember, Byron Reynolds (drums), Levy has created a dreamy, melody-driven collection of songs that has already become a favorite in indie rock circles Los Angeles.

let’s go sailing have already been compared to Belle and Sebastian and Elliott Smith, but upon first listen, my thoughts immediately went to effeminately-voiced singer-songwriter, Jeff Hanson. Both acts create a sound that is as much gentle and pleasing as it is unpredictable and curious. let’s go sailing, like Hanson, have discovered the perfect archetype for pop music, but have managed to keep it fresh and engaging with catchy hooks and lyrics that are at times darker than their melodies would belie.

On their three song EP, Icicles, “All I Want from You is Love” is by far the stand-out track. The song begins with a steady piano intro, leading into delicate, wavering , almost- whispered vocals. A cello quietly creeps into the melody, crafting a warm darkness to buffer Levy’s fragile, imploring voice. A jazzy, speakeasy-style piano solo breaks in as the song builds in strength, and as Levy’s voice returns, we understand that she is no longer begging but demanding that she receives the love she deserves. I couldn’t quite get the song out of my head after a first listen, and upon researching the track further, I learned – with some dismay – that it had been featured in an episode of “One Tree Hill” on the WB. I would think that a mugging, pink-shirted Chad Michael Murray would somehow take away from the pure lovliness of the song, but it seems that let’s go sailing has managed to connect with a legion of teeny-boppers that they might not have come into contact with otherwise.

Look for their as yet untitled ten song LP to be released in the coming months.

--Courtney Wachs

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