The Pipettes - We are the Pipettes
What is utterly surprising about the music the Pipettes sing is the innocence constantly underlying the bluster. Rather than hearing balls-to-the-walls sexuality, we encounter instead wistful and upbeat harmonies.
Zero 7 - The Garden
The Garden find Zero 7 coming up for a breath of fresh air, with an equal blend of down- and up-tempo tracks which manage to entertain yet, in some ways, fall just short of the mark.
The Morning Benders - Loose Change
Written beautifully in a 60’s California-pop style similar to The Beach Boys, each track boasts shimmering vocals, driving vintage drums, and complex vocal harmonies. But that’s just the surface of Loose Change.
Golden Smog - Another Fine Day
Free from the shackles of major label expectation and overproduction, Jeff Tweedy’s supergroup offer alt-country rock in its most natural, pure state.
Killola - Louder, Louder!
Louder, Louder! is an ode to self indulgence that pins its mast firmly to what the band stands for: high-energy rock music turned up to eleven.
Jed and Lucia - Candles in Daylight
Lyrical mysteries and pleasures aside, Jed and Lucia’s collective voice is so seamless that it’s hard to imagine one without the other.
lets go sailing - Icicles EP
With a voice as sweet as snow cones in the summer, Shannon Levy creates lush musical soundscapes that wrap the listener in a gentle blanket of heartfelt melodies and catchy beats.
Teaneck - (Demo)
Charmingly lo-fi, upbeat and poppy, ready to rock at a moment’s notice…


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